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The amount of people seeking help for depression and anxiety has skyrocketed over the past 20 years. Is it our lifestyles? Yes!

High stress jobs, on-the-go schedules, multitasking, and a lack of sleep all contribute to this problem. This increased emotional stress can cause imbalances in our brain & body chemistry, and can wreak havoc on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

In some cases, these imbalances can be corrected through simple nutritional supplements or what are more commonly referred to as “natural remedies for depression and anxiety”. Taking these natural remedies for depression and anxiety can help support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Today, more people are looking to natural anxiety remedies, as well as natural remedies for depression, because of their low cost and long term benefit. Because of the nature of natural anxiety and depression remedies, there is far less potential for side effects over more conventional methods.

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Healthy Brain = Healthy Mind

Here at Life Herbal our mission is to develop products that support a true mind, body, and spirit connection. Although there is still so much we (allopathic and naturopathic communities) have to learn about the human brain, there appears to be a consensus that mood issues (i.e. depression, anxiety) are believed to root from similar chemical imbalances in the brain.

For some individuals these imbalances will manifest as anxiety and for others as depression. However, most sufferers appear to deal with a “cocktail” of both. Then it becomes the age-old question of which came first, “the chicken or the egg?” Did the depression cause the anxiety or did the anxiety cause the depression? This is why the Protazen® natural remedies for depression and anxiety were developed.

As opposed to trying to create separate natural remedies for depression and anxiety, Protazen® is believed to combat the root problem of both main mood issue categories through it’s key nutritional ingredients.

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